about me
I love anything to do with fabric, stitch and dyeing, especially eco dyeing.

In 2015, I launched my eco fashion collection, and I am thrilled with the response so far! I sell them and my art at events, markets and online .

My background is teaching, community work and management. My current life has been built on all that, as well as my love of creating.

I grew up in Canada, was born to Dutch parents, and now live in Tasmania, Australia.

I'm married to Ian, and we have 2 adult kids and 2 grandchildren. I love all of them to bits!

The images above show you where I lived until very recently, in the rainforest on Mt Elephant in Tasmania, Australia.​ While we build our new house, our home was a rustic little cottage, but that has now changed. Watch this space!

  • Photo 1 - ferns growing under a Tasmanian blackwood tree
  • Photo 2 - the road past our house where we often go for walks
  • Photo 3 - the tiny verandah where I do most of my eco dyeing
eco fashions
fibre and textile art
My eco fashion  range was launched in 2015 and has grown from strength to strength.  It features quality retro and vintage garments which have been reinvented with eco dyeing. The subtle colours come from leaves, bark and/or berries which I collect on foraging trips along the roadside, in the Australian bush and in the gardens of friends and family.  This year, I have added a ' blue label ' range, which features new clothing made and designed by me, incorporating my eco dyed and other fabrics.
Fibre and textile art has been a major focus for me for a number of years.  Currently, my artworks feature eco dyed and printed fabrics and paper, and have hidden meanings 'written' into them.  Many of my creations have been juried into exhibitions locally and nationally, and some have won state and national awards.  They have also been published in magazines and online.  I love combining various media and techniques, and regard the process of 'making' as a journey of discovery.
handmade books
eco prints
Making handmade books  is something I have always loved, and I try to push the boundaries as to what defines a book when I create it. The pages can be paper or cloth, stitched or glued, collaged or painted, stencilled or stamped.  I love using the ancient method of Coptic binding, but I also enjoy experimenting with other stitched and folded binding techniques.  Book formats can be even or irregular, and can be displayed in various ways.  I love to incorporate found materials, and what people often consider to be rubbish, in my work.
Recently I have been expanding my collage techniques, to make better use of my eco prints on paper.  This is an ongoing process, and sometimes includes interactive elements.  I enjoy layering different papers such as vintage tissue, old sheet music and text cut from old books to build a story.  Eco prints are added on top, and sometimes morph into 3-dimensional and flexible formats. Collage artist Cordula Kagemann is an important influence on my work, as are other contemporary artists.